30 July 2011

chruch service in the village
from the storm the other night

How do you drink a glass of water for Gods Glory?
Anything you glorify above God becomes and Idol.
We naturally exalt ourselves above God.
Glory needs to be revealed and it flows out in creation.
Stereotyping only separate’s people from what God has called us to be,
You are robbing them of who God made them to be.
Humility is the path to oneness.
The foundation of unity is knowing the Father & Son in complete love, trust, submission, yielding, joy, & TRUTH.
What are you a vessel of?
How does God’s glory impact our lives?
God’s glory cant be diminished.
Pursue Christ and the fruit will be unity.
We are called to the ministry of reconciliation, 2Cor 5:18
Repentance and self-defense cant co-exist.
What you fear will control you and what ever controls you will be your god.
If we suppress truth then we hinder our appetite of Christ.
Lets not be content to keep a few hidden Idols, convinced they are not big deal.
Any freedom in a society depends on how much truth is embraced.
You can’t have faith and fear at the same time.
A belief is very powerful and can impact how we live.

We were able to harvest maize with the students and family groups this week. We had a lot of fun. Its not the same as having combines but many hands make light work. The boys found more chameleon’s and even a tortoise. They seem to be doing well with all the creatures they find. Even the trees demand climbing and exploring.


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  1. Such a phenomenal experience! I continue to pray for your ministry and safety! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. I love reading Sarah's happenings on facebook!