01 July 2011

Our first few days in Uganda have been wonderful! Trying to catch up on sleep and adjusting to the time change really hasn’t been as difficult as I imagined it would be. The boys seem to have adjusted well and we only occasionally hear the request to go home to Kenny Lake. Taylor drank some unfiltered water and we are keeping the watch out for symptoms of giardia. That scared him enough to want to come home! And the unwelcome frog in our home that may be poisonous…that scared him enough to want to come home! All in all, I don’t feel fearful of the snakes and bugs, which has been a relief. I’m not looking over my shoulder or at my feet as though something were waiting to attack me. I really don’t feel fearful at all…even after seeing a dead mamba hanging on a bush near our home. We are in God’s hand and this is His plan for us. What a relief! My heart is overwhelmed by the kindness of the Ugandan culture. Nobody is a stranger and people are more important than the task at hand, so everyone stops to welcome and greet. I don’t know how many times I have been welcomed to Uganda in the past few days. I really do feel welcome here. It sounds like there will be a few cultures represented at the Institute we are attending, and for the first time in many sessions, it is predominately male. There are a few coming from Northern Uganda, from I tribe I can’t remember and most likely couldn’t spell if I could! I think this is going to be a very rich experience for us and I trust God will meet us right where we are at. I know I will be stretched and uncomfortable at times, but I’ll just have to be ok with that. I actually look forward to that in some ways because I have been comfortable for far too long. My heart is open and my expectations are only that God will show up and teach what we need to learn here.

I feel like a kids just taking in all the sights and sounds of a new place. Every flower, bug, fruit, and ways of doing things…it’s all so unfamiliar and I’m excited to learn. I cut mangoes with a neighbor and tasted the best fruit of my life. No wait, maybe that was the pineapple we bought at the market coming out here! It’s so fun to experience all these new things, simple things. Our power has been off far more than it’s been on and the bathing water is colder than I thought it would be…but that’s ok. We have to haul our drinking water and filter it before we can use it, but we were hauling our drinking water in Kenny Lake too, so no big deal! The heat is a welcomed change and all the new sounds are intriguing to me. Last night we got to see lightning and in the middle of the night the thunder was booming and the skies opened up and rain pounded the tin roof of our home. I can’t believe the boys slept through that! It was intense and I know Trevor would have been afraid.

That’s the report for now. I hope you get a sense of what we are experiencing here. We are all well and thankful you are praying.

We made it to Uganda with little trouble, and the kids did great. I almost had to leave Sarah in the Entebbe airport baggage pickup after I took one load outside. They were not going to let me in after the just told me it would be ok to take some bags out. I guess it was my turn to get the runaround.
New Hope is great and the people, culture and atmosphere are wonderful. It’s been a few days and I finally have some power to upload some pictures and make a blog entry. We are still getting settled and enjoying new friendships. The boys have been playing hard the last few days. They even played in their first futbal game today (soccer). NHICF starts on Tuesday and until then we are just going to be settling in. The boys are homesick a bit for Alaska. They don’t like all the poisonous things about, like the dead green mamba hanging outside behind the house, or the little frog sitting in the windowsill. I think it’s poisonous as well. We look forward to all God has planned for this few months. We are still working on a better internet connection and getting used to the cold showers, but all is well in Uganda. Did I mention there is pinapple growing in our garden.


  1. Luann and Gary MullenSat Jul 02, 09:43:00 AM AKDT

    We are praying for you and love hearing of this wonderful adventure God has called you to go on! The Mullen Family

  2. Thanks for the update!! Will share this Sunday!

  3. I have to ask...what happened to the frog? So what type of flying bugs do you have that compete with sticky beetles and mosquitoes? Look forward to hearing your story unfold!

  4. Hi Dolges, I am so excited for your family and what God is doing and will do in your lives. Taylor, remember when something is new, scary, ugly, gross, poisonous, or whatever...that it all just "VERY INTERESTING!" I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in Africa.