02 September 2011

Taylor is helping with the maize production. After it dries it is sent to the mill to be ground up into flower.
Taylor visiting some friends down the road
Meal time for 30 takes some big pots. Posho and Beans.
The family group came up for game night. They love games an spoons was the game of the night.
Church picture of some other event we were at.
Little Sam, or Mukesa as we learned his real first name. It means blessing. We had him laughing yesterday.
Mercy is playful and loves playing with hair. She is a typical little girl who likes girly things.

I am still working on video's to upload. the problem is the connection here is to slow to upload. I should be able next weekend to get something uploaded as we are headed to Jinja where I think the internet is a little faster.

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