16 September 2011


Troy and little Sam
Tea fields near Jinja
Lk Victoria
Getting on the boat
The last few weeks have flown by, so it seems. It gets tough thinking of stuff to write about and keep it real. Africa has so much to offer yet it’s hard to remember what it is on demand. We have been informed the power is being cut by a quarter, so when we subtract it from the 40% it’s been on…well, we are not to hopeful. They (Uganda government) are saying the bills are not getting paid so they will take the power and sell it to Kenya. Back home they just shut the power off from the place not paying. Needless to say we will be burning more candles.
The boys are having fun still. They are thrilled with the new critters they find and now are creating weapons out of whatever they can find. The games of a boy’s heart are the same all around the world. They found a blind worm snake the other day, and carried it around.
We went to Jinja as a family with some friends last weekend to celebrate our halfway point. The drive there we got to see the tea and sugarcane fields. We were blessed to stay at a resort with a great pool right on Lake Victoria. The equatorial sun is not to be messed with unless you have 30 SPF or greater. We took a boat ride down the start of the Nile River. It was good to see the Nile and be there knowing so many in history searched hard to find the source. We saw monkeys, Nile monitor lizards, otters, and the great African Fish Eagle. We had a good time in Jinja.
The rains are still hitting hard and it was 67 degrees this morning. It wasn’t so bad. With the rains it seems the bananas are getting ripe fast. It’s the coolest thing to have them growing in your yard, as well as coffee. We bring some (bananas) up to the baby house and share with the babies, who eat them up quickly.
Our family group has been faced with some tough situations lately. One of the kids ran off a couple weeks ago. They have found him living with a distant relative, but it’s not a healthy situation. Pray with us he returns. The rest of the family group is doing well, and thankful the harvest and replanting weeks are over. They work hard in the gardens farming, but they also love eating the results, as do we.
I have been able to work a little at the clinic. Mostly dressing small wounds and laughing with the kid’s cause I pretend I have no clue what they are saying. A person does not have a hurt foot or an injury, they are “paining”. My foot is paining, then they add “somehow”. I love it. “Uncle, my foot is paining somehow”. It’s fun. I think some of the kids just come for some attention, so we have plenty of vitamin C for placebos. I also test for malaria. It’s a simple finger poke and blood smear on a slide, but identifying the malaria cells in the blood is a challenge. They have quick tests as well but they are expensive. Power has been out for 5 days now and I am running out of battery power, we'll add more later.

Nile River
Bujagali Falls on the Nile

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