08 October 2011


removing jiggers from some toes. They can get so bad it disables some people. The wound created from removing them tends to become infected and creates a secondary problem.

The children were being entertained by some science experiments this day. There was a big ball of smoke coming from the center and they all ran away. This is prior to the big show. They love seeing new things.

Its always nice to get into the gardens and work with the kids. This day was for weeding. I am always impressed with the hard work these children do.

One of the boys in our family group wanted to take a picture of me. So he built his own camera. He was very proud of it by the way. The soil here can be backed into bricks, I told him he should bake it so it would not break.

This is the New Hope Institute football (soccer) team. Some of these men can run faster than I could ever dream of. They play all the time and love it. Uganda and Kenya play tonight in some big game so everyone is excited.
And finally for this week I have enjoyed my first cup of coffee that I have processed myself. I roasted them yesterday and brewed it up today. I was pleased.

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