28 January 2011

Deepest Calling

The name of our blog sounds so deeply spiritual, impressive even.  We are not impressive people!  Please don't think that.  We got the name from a book mark that was sent in a book we bought before Troy went on his trip to Uganda in October, 2010.  The book mark read, "Your deepest calling is where your greatest joy and the world's needs meet!".  We've had this quote hanging on our wall ever since and we look at it daily.  It doesn't always sink in daily, but our eyes glance at it.  We are definitely on a journey.  We know that our lives are meant for more, but what does that mean for us?  What gives me the greatest joy?  Can that fit into the world's needs?  Is that what will bring me to my deepest calling, when those two things collide?  Just some thoughts we've have been pondering for some months now.  We are stepping out in faith, searching for this deepest calling.  Perhaps we will find it in Uganda.  Perhaps it's meant to be a life long quest.  So, now you have it.  Deepest Calling.  What's yours???

26 January 2011

Uganda trip October 2010

This was a medical mission trip to Uganda in October 2010.  I wanted to see Uganda and the place our family will be heading to in a few months.  I also put this up here so there would be something to look at.

Sunset in Kiwoko

Love his smile

Banana leaf

She was so soft spoken, and ended up with a new shirt