08 February 2011

more pictures from October 2010

I was asked to show some pictures of where we are going to be staying.  So I dug around the files and found a couple pictures of NHICF as well as other pictures of the trip.  These are all around New Hope, except the first.  I know we have a few months here in Alaska still but I could leave today, get away from this cold winter.
Musana Camps @ Lake Victoria
Getting water before school

Balloons were a hit

walking home from school

the kids were having fun

this little guy was so small,  just wondering around the school

he wanted his picture taken so bad.

New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family, classroom.  We will be spending a lot of time in here.

inside NHICF

Inside NHICF

he wasn't sure what to make of our group

Sarah is looking forward to these.  4"

trying to capture different views of Africa

A step of faith becomes reality

I'll be the first to admit that my faith is small.  It's not that I don't want to believe, it's just that I'm not sure it will happen or that God will choose to do that for us.  I tend to think that way.  I want to believe, but maybe I'm afraid that God will look bad if I am vocal about something and it doesn't happen. I don't know.  The last several months I have chosen to live my life as though we were really going to Uganda in just a few months.  I kept thinking to myself how the means to get us there was beyond us and God would have to make that happen, though I had no idea how that would work out.  If our plan (which I now believe is God's plan) fell through to make it in the time frame Troy hoped for, we could just wait it out another year and try then.  I was ok with that!  If we needed to do it on our own and it just took us another year, another dividend later, whatever it took, I was ok with that.  I have been blown away and humbled by the generous response of God's people to support us on this adventure.  My "if this works out" perspective has become a "wow, I guess God really does believe in us and wants this for us" belief.  I have really been ashamed of my lack of faith and so grateful at the same time.  I can't believe God is doing this for US!  My heart wanders, I'm not very faithful to Him, but Oh how HE IS SO FAITHFUL to me.  My heart is FULL!  I think of David Crowder's song How He Loves Us and my heart is there.  Who am I?  Nobody really.  But God loves me!  So, thank you for the part you are playing in these lessons I am learning.  My faith is growing and I am so thankful for His goodness and your generosity.