09 April 2011

Thank You

I can't believe how much time has past since my last post (Sarah).  We have been making much progress, as you read in the last post (Troy), but there is much left to be done before we can leave for Uganda.  A huge THANK YOU is in order to you who have already supported us.  I really have been overwhelmed by your generosity.  Please know that we are so grateful!  Thank you for supporting me in my Crocheted Headband venture!  I have sold a lot and it has allowed us to get supplies we will need while in Uganda. 

I also am so appreciative of your prayers for our family as we prepare.  I try to keep a level head, but I really am afraid of the creepy crawlies in Africa!  It doesn't help my fear when I hear from our Ugandan neighbors that they have killed baby cobras in their home just this past week.  So, I give myself a pep talk and I eventually remember that God is my protector and so much is out of my control, but He is in control. " The LORD is my light and my salvation--whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life--of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1"  When I think of my friends in Uganda, I have to remember that God was protecting them and their children.  He will protect us too.  I have never felt so certain of the direction we are taking as I do about our plans for Uganda.  God has led us, of this I am certain, and He will keep us too!  I will have to revisit this verse, and others like it, and remember again and again that God the Father is my protector and the protector of my family.  It seems so petty to be afraid and focused on the bugs and snakes, but it is real to me and I will have to adjust!  My life will be very different very soon!  At the same time I am so excited for what I will learn, what my boys will learn and how our experiences in Uganda will make us a stronger family and change us for the better.  I am very encouraged, and much of that encouragement is from you, your support for us and your prayers for our family.  

A Heartfelt THANK YOU from the Dolge Family!!!

05 April 2011


It seemed by the middle of March we would be heading no where.  I knew this wasn't true but with no passports in hand the tickets needed to wait.  However, by the end of March the passports were in hand, the tickets were paid for and in the mail.  The official approval from work was granted and it seems we are still Uganda bound.  Although this blog was created to keep people informed while we were over there, I feel bad it's just sitting here.  Updates on our progress seem fitting.  Thanks for all the support and prayers, soon there should be some Uganda feel to this blog.