22 June 2011

We are well on our way!

Our whole family has been counting down the days now until we leave for Uganda.  As it stands, we have four more nights in our own beds until we drive into Anchorage and then on to Uganda!  I've been doing a lot of reflecting this past month as we've had the opportunity to share with different people how this all came about.  This time last year we were considering the possibility of going to New Hope...at least I was considering...I think Troy already knew!  This time last year we were so stoked to be picking up a couple from New Hope Uganda for a wedding and they would stay with us and we would learn more about whether New Hope was a good fit for us.  This time last year I thought this was an impossible task and resigned to leaving it up to God...if He wanted us to go He would make it happen.  This time last year I thought Troy's time frame was absolutely unrealistic and crazy!  This time last year I was still struggling with chronic ear infections every 6 weeks.  This time last year...I could go on and on.  Now it's this time a year later and we are going to New Hope Uganda!  This really is what God wanted!  I'm 6 months free of ear infections and am truly thanking God for that!  The same people we picked up in Anchorage for the wedding are picking us up in Uganda!  I have seen first hand that all things really are possible with God and time frames are really unimportant if it's something you're supposed to be a part of.  I have been amazed to see God's people pull together and support us in very meaningful ways.  I feel very blessed and full and rich!  This time next week...I wonder what I will be experiencing.  Oh man, is my God amazing or what!  Wow!

04 June 2011

thank you

We leave for Africa in a few weeks, and I think we will be almost ready.  I look forward to keeping you more up to date on this blog once we get to New Hope.  We should be up and running by the first week in July so keep on the lookout.  Also I wanted to thank you all for your support in this trip.  God's been providing all we need and more.  Thank you.