23 October 2011

Burgers & Malaria

First time burgers with the guys

Our science project, the kids hatched a lizard

Working in the clinic looking for malaria

They boys 2nd milkshake in Africa, big treat!

The weeks have absolutely flown by. We are down to just 4 weeks of class and a final week before we fly back to the states. It amazes me how different life is here…but people are really the same all over the world. Tonight we had the single “Uncles”, our fellow classmates, over for dinner. Can you believe they had never had a hamburger? I couldn’t believe it either, but thought it was so cool that I could share that first with them. They are a great group of guys, eager to be married and have hearts for the Lord. They are great company and so thankful for everything. They wanted to close the evening with a word of prayer for us and were just so thankful we wanted to share a meal with them and that we love them. We didn’t do much for them and I feel like I’m the one who went away with the blessing after they prayed for my family. They really love us and they love God and that makes the friendship even that much more meaningful. I’m gonna miss those guys when we leave! They believe God is starting a work through us in Africa and that we have a love for Africa. It is true that we love Africa and the people, but I don’t know yet that God has work for us here.

We all get sick sometimes, but the first thing to cross you mind here in Uganda is malaria. Tobyn came down with a fever a few days ago and was complaining of a headache. Of course our first thought was malaria. After two tests we decided it was most likely just the flu. His fever is mostly gone and he still has a little cough, but he shared with me (Sarah). At least we weren’t so scared about malaria since he was negative. My test was negative also. It’s hard to keep levelheaded when you’re somewhere new and sicknesses are a little different, but still the same in some ways. Here at New Hope, it’s the hub for all kids of sickness with teams coming from all around the world. I guess your medicine cabinet can never be too diverse when you live in bush Africa! Good to keep in mind! Even with the sickness in our family, we feel so cared for here. People have been praying and asking and very sympathetic and concerned. It is true life in community and I’m learning to like it more and more.

I got news today that one of my older cousins in Oregon passed away from cancer. My heart has been heavy this week and I thought about them and knew she was close to death. She had a relationship with God and I know she is in heaven now, made whole and not suffering anymore. It’s hard to be so far away, though I’m still far away when I’m in Alaska. It really feels far away to be in Africa. I’m sad for my family and their loss and have also been so encouraged to hear from them and see their love for each other and their faith so strong. I trust God was there in the middle of their suffering and will continue to be in the days ahead. I love you Jenny and I’m so glad you’re with Jesus right now.

This next week, many from our class will be heading up north to Kumi to do a class project. I’ll stay home with the boys because the housing would not work too well for us with all our kids. I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to see another part of Uganda and the branch of New Hope that works with the child soldiers. Maybe another time…another trip! I appreciate your prayers for our family this next week with Troy being gone for a few days and being a little under the weather. Thanks friends and family! I look forward to seeing many of you soon!

Trip to Kampala and the busy streets.

Visiting the handicapped children here at New Hope

The uncles after dinner with the boys!

Having a better camera helps but some nights it's just this beautiful

08 October 2011


removing jiggers from some toes. They can get so bad it disables some people. The wound created from removing them tends to become infected and creates a secondary problem.

The children were being entertained by some science experiments this day. There was a big ball of smoke coming from the center and they all ran away. This is prior to the big show. They love seeing new things.

Its always nice to get into the gardens and work with the kids. This day was for weeding. I am always impressed with the hard work these children do.

One of the boys in our family group wanted to take a picture of me. So he built his own camera. He was very proud of it by the way. The soil here can be backed into bricks, I told him he should bake it so it would not break.

This is the New Hope Institute football (soccer) team. Some of these men can run faster than I could ever dream of. They play all the time and love it. Uganda and Kenya play tonight in some big game so everyone is excited.
And finally for this week I have enjoyed my first cup of coffee that I have processed myself. I roasted them yesterday and brewed it up today. I was pleased.