19 February 2012

Dreaming of Africa, living in the North

It seems a day does not go by with out talking about Africa. We stare out the window at 3 feet of snow and down to -30 degree raw temperatures wondering what we are doing. Its been a few months now and we are adjusted back to our little culture in Alaska. I think the cold would be a good trade for the heat of Uganda, but I am not sure. As tired of the cold as I am, would I melt in Uganda? We often joke about our extreme climate living situations. But Africa has griped our family and we look forward to our return. My boys randomly talk about something they did there and how they miss their friends. I didn't want this blog to die off so I thought of posting some pictures of the cold here at home.
The work I do
Tobyn and his little grin
this is not my picture, but the northern lights always impress.