03 October 2012

I feel compelled to write at this very moment. I couldn’t stand it any longer…so I set down my crochet needle and yarn and I warmed up my coffee and here I am. It’s been too long since I’ve written and I know some of you out there do not know much about what has gone on in our lives since returning from Uganda. I’m sorry for the silence. We left Uganda with the desire to return, feeling like we were leaving home to come home. Strange. We sat on that desire for a while, making sure it was what God wanted of us and not just a romantic idea. I feel like we were most alive there, all of us. Every day I think of the people we were connected with and I long to be there. We decided to move forward on that desire and we began the application process a couple of months ago. I’m thankful we kept all of our paperwork from our application process the first time when we attended the institute. Many of the questions were similar, plus many more. It helped to have a framework to work from and just update and change what was a little different, since our viewpoint is a little different than it was before we spent 5 months there. After much work, we got it all together and now we are about 1 week from knowing if we are accepted to return to New Hope Uganda, Kasana Children Centre, as full time missionaries. Wow, full time missionaries. What a title! I can’t think of another family any less qualified, but that’s ok since the only thing that really makes any of us qualified is Jesus Christ! If we are accepted, we will begin the process of raising support and preparing for returning. We both feel comfortable with making a 5-year commitment, so that’s what we’re looking at. That’s where we’ll start. We will also need to pinpoint what the best fit for us will be. I will be looking at homeschooling full time for the first time and will need to research what program to go through, or maybe just do it independently? Open to ideas there! There are many positions and needs at New Hope and we will be decided where the best fit for Troy will be. I look forward to investing in the lives of the young women there, speaking truth into their lives and encouraging them. I look forward to showing love to them in tangible ways, hugging them and being Jesus’ arms to them. I look forward to my boys being reunited with very special friends at New Hope. Please pray with us. Whether the answer is yes or no, that our family would pursue our heavenly Father like never before. Pray that we would learn what we are supposed to learn right now and that we would live fully in the present. Pray that we would have wisdom in choices for our family. I feel like we need your prayers like never before as we look ahead to the future. We will keep you posted and we will know more specific needs very soon. I just wanted you to know what’s going on right now and how close we are to knowing if we will be returning to Uganda. We’re so excited and so nervous…and very aware of our shortcomings! Thank you for being a part of our lives. You are dear to us!